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PTW designs, develops, manufactures and distributes high quality dosimetry and quality control equipment mainly for use in radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine and health physics.

Unidos Webline

High performance secondary standard and reference class dosemeter / electrometer with integrated network features

  • High quality reference class dosemeter for radiation therapy, diagnostic radiology and health physics
  • Integration in a LAN with the internet standard TCP/IP
  • Remote access functionality
  • E-mail capability, eg. to initiate self tests and to send a status report
  • Active, configurable TFT display with wide viewing angles
  • Easy and fast menu-driven handling with navigation knob and help system
2D Array

PTW 2D-ARRAY seven29

The PTW 2D-ARRAY seven29 is a two-dimensional detector matrix with 729 ionization chambers for quality assurance in radiotherapy. 
It can replace use of films in many areas on linear accelerators in IMRT plan verification and quality assurance. The device is light, quickly installed and easy to operate.
A patient plan is transmitted to the 2D-ARRAY in IMRT plan verification. The individual fields are radiated in gantry position 0° on the array.
The data can be evaluated immediately by VeriSoft software after the field has been radiated. Various evaluation algorithms are available such as the gamma index algorithm. Recording of measurement values is completely integrated in VeriSoft.


DAVID - a revolutionary in-vivo dosimetry system based on the novel PTW harp chamber

DAVID - Device for Advanced Verification of IMRT Deliveries - was developed in close collaboration with Oldenburg University. The objective in developing this novel measurement system was to provide a precise and reliable instrument for monitoring administered photon beams in IMRT irradiation.  

Substantial demands are made on quality assurance in IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy). Dosimetric checking of patient plans using flat detectors and expanded quality assurance checks on LINAC are customary.

Checking the multi-leaf collimators, which determine field sizes, is especially important.


Waterproof PTW Farmer® Chamber

Waterproof thimble chamber for measuring high-energy photon and electron radiation in water

  • Vented sensitive volume of 0.6 cm3
  • Suitable as therapy chamber for use in water
  • Flat energy response

Advanced Markus® Electron Chamber

Plane parallel ion chamber for high-energy electron measurements in water and solid state phantoms

  • Vented sensitive volume of 0.02 cm3
  • Same outer dimensions as the classic Markus chamber
  • Wide guard ring design
  • Suitable for relative and absolute electron dosimetry
  • The chamber is waterproof when used with protective cap

MP3-M Phantom Tank

Medium size motorized 3D water phantoms for automatic dose distribution measurement of radiation therapy beams

  • High-precision, handy 3D water tank
  • 3D stainless steel moving mechanism with high speed stepper motors



LA48 Linear Chamber Array

Linear Array with 47 ion chambers and MULTIDOS/ME48 dosemeter for fast profile measurements

  • Suitable for IMRT and dynamic field measurements
  • The latest development in fluid-filled ion chamber technology
  • Includes small volume ion chambers with high spatial resolution
  • Records the data of a complete profile within 1 s


Octavius 4D

OCTAVIUS® 4D  NEW - 4D in Motion

4D patient plan verification based on true independent measurements

  • Unique rotating phantom offering perfect isotropic measurement geometry
  • Powerful VeriSoft® with advanced 3D dose analysis tools
  • Cutting-edge detector technology
  • Quick, comfortable setup with OCTAVIUS 4D trolley
  • Suitable for multiple IMRT delivery techniques, FFF LINACS and other PTW detector arrays